NDG SK8 Park - Footy by Ri.

Everyone must try this place out....It's insane!

This is my first SK8 vid... Although I did appear doing a frontside steamroller at Ahuntsic ramp in a SNAKE board video :(



-By Orion

Well I guess as a start I should mention that I got my first skateboard in 1975 and it's all gone downhill since....at least it's faster like that. Over the years I have hit any and all terrains I could get my wheels on including vert ramps, street/curbs, minis and skate parks with minimal pool experience.

Enter Ri. Ri and I have skated together for about 24 years now but at the end of the 90's and most of the 2000's I slowed down and he jumped into the deep end....Literally. If you are on his facebook friend list then you may have noted his numerous flicks and vids of his travels in search for curved walls and deathboxes.

More recently, say 3 months, I have re-sparked my passion for this discipline thanks to Ri and other old school cats gathering for a weekly session at Montreals TAZ skatepark which has a beautiful long mini, spined to a pretty decent L shaped bowl...right up my alley!

As the dust settles from the closing of Orkus park we find something very interesting: A new toy for us to play with called No Damn Good - Skatepark. Built by the Orkus guys this bowl-park is nestled snugly in an old garage big enough to fit a very fast and fun combination of trannies and curved corners small enough for the novice but some vert and high corners for the more gnarly rippers.

Skipping back to the past a bit, I should mention that I only skated at Orkus once and the session ended with me almost popping my shoulder out of the socket and having a sore arm for 6 months. I mention this since the new park in DG is made with the same wood in most cases.

Today I went to NDGood for the first time with Ri and Justin Gastelum. After about 30 minutes of warming up I finally had what I consider a nice run with 2 runs around the bowl hitting all the corners and some grinds to boot. The next run went a little sour with me whipping out of a frontside carve and landing full weight on my shoulder and face. This time the almost popped out became a slightly dislocated arm...Enter Ri. With barely any pull at all he locked my limb back into it's usual spot. Insert tab A into slot B. Needless to say I will be buying monthly passes to that place since it was prolly the coolest spot I've hit in decades.

Thanks Ri



-By Ri

We are early into the cold season in Montreal but I had already been thinking of heading south for a little fun in the sun. Currently my wintering location of choice is Los Angeles. LA doesn't currently have the best skateparks in the world, what it does have are a bunch of fun parks and a small likelihood of rain. No rain is huge on a skateboard route trip. I've been travelling to LA a couple of times a year since 2005 to get my concrete fix. My concrete fix needs to be fed often. It seemed as if this trip would be a solo mission which didn't discourage me at all. With two weeks left before leaving for LA my friend Justin received his first passport. He was now able to travel to the United States. With this new found freedom I wondered if he wanted to exercise it this quickly. Justin jumped right on it; he was super stoked for the invite.

With one call to Justin's home town (Bathurst, N.B.) buddy Alex, we were three. Alex and Justin's ages added up makes a total rather close to my age. They may be younger then me but they have way more all around skating skills then I have. Those guys were thinking of street skating while in LA, I couldn't help them find spots since I don't know where any of them are. Skateparks are easy to google but how does one go about googling a street spot that might have 10 different names? Looks like everything about the trip will not be planned but lived in the moment. That will make for an interesting trip for one and all.

One of the most non LAish areas, where a person can walk around and no car is required, is the Santa Monica to Venice Beach area. This is one of my favourite place to hang out in LA. Two weeks prior to the trip a new skatepark opened in Venice Beach. Now I could hang out in a cool place and also enjoy skating a fun skatepark. Venice Beach's proximity to LAX made it a no brainer to where we would skate first. Upon arriving at the skatepark I walked to the bowl. Justin and Alex approached the skatepark very differently then me, they skated around it 
and checked all the different aspects of the park. Before I had even 
put on my knee pads, yes I'm an old man and I require knee pads now, Justin and Alex were zooming around the skatepark. Two kids in a candy store isn't even a strong enough image to relay their true emotions. All the different sections of the skatepark were tested in total amazement. Once the "I'm in LA skating" novelty started to subside, Justin and Alex scored some beers and the sessioning really began. For some two hours they skated to old section of the park which has a couple of small street obstacles. I have zero game in that section and it didn't even cross my mind to ever skate it. It seems that Justin and Alex have a low level of patience. They always need to be skating and not on the ramp deck waiting for their turn. The new section of the park was rather busy since it had only opened a couple of weeks prior but the old section was empty. Back to the "I'm old" comment, I need 
the rest between runs so the bowl crowdedness was not a problem for me.

We all enjoyed the first session of the trip so much that we ended up being 2 hours late for session number two. The second session of the day was the Vertigo skatepark in Glendale. It's one of the first of the new generation skateparks and it's a good one. The park is just off Cañada Blvd and has weird white maple tree all around the park. Every little bit helps in making me feel at home in a foreign land. The guys we had come to meet were bagged and left when we arrived. We were bagged too from the long session in the hot sun at Venice Beach but we still managed to get a 2 hour session in. Justin killed all the weird obstacles in the park. He loves all the super tight transitions that make my body ache just thinking of skating them.

By the way, day one happened to be Halloween. On the way back to the motel there was talk about finding a party and partying the night away. A call was placed to the only lady I regularly talk to in LA (Michelle) to see what her plans were for the evening. She was heading to Hollywood for some club partying. Even Halloween in Hollywood with some cute ladies couldn't motivate my tired non clubbing ass to leave the motel bed. Even the young guys didn't muster the will to leave and instead had a night of "The Mentors" videos off youtube.

- Ri






























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