1969: Orion Revolution Curiel was born in Edmonton, and moved to Montreal when he was three where he was raised in a family of artists and language-lovers.

1974: He got his first skateboard when he was five years old, a hand-me-down from his mother.

1981: At 11, he became interested in the hip hop scene for the first time in the form of breakdancing, and would breakdance with friends in local subway stations and parks.

1985: At fifteen, he got his first big skateboard and entered the music industry by being asked by Ricky Roots to be the “Sound Boy” for Social Roots Sound System, a classic reggae dancehall crew. He also went to his first punk show, Connection 85, where he found his niche as a skater.

1986: At 16 years old, while listening to CBC Radio’s Brave New Waves, he heard for the first time Public Enemy’s You’re Gonna Get Yours and KRS One’s My Philosophy, which catalyzed his enduring love of underground hip hop. His realization and appreciation that, as a skater, he did not have to be exclusive to a particular scene or music genre, and that many of them were interconnected, would become an underlying theme in his future career and his life.

1987: A year later, after hearing Anthrax incorporate rap into a song, he sat down and wrote his first rhyme, which he performed for a few friends, thereby leading to his initiation into CBF crew, a Montreal graffiti and hip hop crew. With CBF, he performed as a rapper and DJ for two years, during which time he was also performing solo gigs in local bars and clubs as a rapper under the name Revolution.

1991: He hooked up with Justin DShade Philips and began writing songs and performing with him. Meanwhile, he had become a skate spot pioneer and won numerous competitions, know specifically as being an aggro skater.

1992: He and DShade entered a talent show, Big Break ’92, under the name Shades of Culture and won by a landslide.

1992-2003: He rapped, performed, and toured with Shades of Culture until the group’s disbandment eleven years later. They played with the likes of Public Enemy, Ice-T, Pharcyde, KRS-One, Bad Brains, NoFX, Ten Foot Pole, Face to Face, SNFU, and Schoolly D, and won numerous awards and great acclaim in both the hip hop and punk scenes. They became recognized and respected as one of the pioneering groups in Canadian underground hip hop.

1997: He started the hip hop program, Off the Hook Radio, on Montreal radio station CKUT 90.3 with his friend, Pat Wreck. The show, whose slogan was, and is, “The best in underpendent hip hop,” won numerous local awards. He was also inducted into Montreal hip hop collective, TA Crew, of which he is still an active member.

1999-2005: He had several successful DJ residencies in Montreal, including positions at SONA and Jupiter Room.

2003: He decided to pursue another of his passions, that of gaming, by taking a job at Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest and most renowned video game companies, and worked his way up to be the Sony Lead Compliance Specialist in the quality control department. Meanwhile, Orion continued to skate, write, rap, DJ, and bartend in his spare time.

2007: He was initiated into Free Masonry at St. Albans’ Lodge #106, where he is now a MM and lodge officer.

2009: He left Ubisoft in order to return his focus to his true passions: music and skateboarding. Re-Evolution, the redefinition of himself as a solo artist, was born. He launched his website, orionrevolution.com, a few weeks after his fortieth birthday.




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