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Those who know me will see that this website is basically me restructuring/refinding/redefining my creative side after a six-year "sabatical". I needed to get back in touch with skateboarding, music and other fun things.
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By Orion

I first noticed these out-of-place univalves while walking through an overgrown empty lot on my way to work in Mile End, Spring 2007. I had music playing in my headphones and was looking down as I trudged along the muddy beaten path next to the train tracks dividing Rosemont from St. Viateur when I saw what looked like a crushed snail shell about the size of a quarter. Lo and behold, when I crouched down I realised that it had, in fact, been a living creature mere minutes prior, since I could clearly see its "body" mashed in with bits of black and yellow shell remnants. While standing there slightly confused, as I had never encountered snails this big in the city before this (save Nun's island or St. Helen's), I scanned the brush and noticed at least five escargots. With no camera in hand at the time, I brain-filed it under "strange and interesting nature stuff" and went on my merry way.


About three weeks later in the same field I saw something even more amazing than my first encounter with the bottom feeders; it was a little old Mediterranean woman gathering a bounty of shellfish into a Ziploc freezer bag. I stopped and stared with revulsion and this culinary horror for about three seconds before I snapped out of my trance with a simple thought..."When the fuck did I become comfortably numb to reality and so far from human nature???" I mean, how's it different from me eating $20 worth of sushi, besides the fact that I am paying to have my dinner killed quietly behind closed doors while I wait droolingly and scrape the splinters off my chopsticks or pick up my steak knife? Honestly, I felt less a man at that moment, like I had lost touch with basic primal survival instincts.

Food is food.


In the summer of '09, my good and longtime friend, 'Shogun of the Dark', gave me a surprise gift of a 10.2 MPixel SONY-alpha 300 when he was informed of my intentions to make this website. We were out early one day snapping flicks of the future site for the new Shriners' Children's Hospital behind Vendome metro in NDG when the ugly beasts reared their heads once more....those damned snails!!! Well, after many shots and a little research I found what seemed to be the same gastropod I had previously stumbled across at UK-based bugbotherer.org . It seems the two different ones seen here in my pics are the Cepaea hortensis and the Cepaea nemoralis. Everywhere online seems to say that the two have been common in the northeastern U.S. for a while now and are "not good eatin" but not poisonous at all. With the right recipe mayyyybe they could seem appealing, but prolly not for me or my allergic GF.

Here's another persons story and recipe...if you dare!



Transformers front wheel bike...Japan